Pathological comfort zone vs. the sanogenetic comfort zone

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Cluj, UBB Cluj, Bistrița Extension


When we talk about health in opposition to disorders associated with sedentary life, stress or inadequate nutrition, we can say that the imbalance between them affects a significant number of the population of the world, such a worrying aspect considering that most of people live in developed countries with access to education.


In this context we can find two main categories of people:

  1. Those with normal weight, somatically balanced;
  2. Those with body weight problems (overweight or obese);

Concerning the first category, some people are natively favored, others manage to reach to a normal body only after they have encountered metabolic problems and have chosen a different way of life than the one that led to the appearance of the problems.

With regard to the second category, a part of the people has overweight or obesity metabolic problems due to their lifestyle and the other part is suffering from diseases from other reasons (endocrinological or native pathologies) that will not be a part of our object of study. In our essay we will only refer to people from the first category and to those who are overweight or obese because of their lifestyle.

There are many factors that differentiate between the two categories, but somewhere there is a breach, although both of them have access to information, education, personal development and are part of the same species.

What lies between the success of some and the failure of others?

Keywords: fitness, quality of life, personal development, sedentary lifestyle, comfort zone, New Art of Body Gym, holistic approach in fitness.